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Pest Management
The susceptibility of termites in buildings have become a crucial part to control...
Termite Proofing
Termite control process is used in both pre-construction & post-construction termite control..
Tank Cleaning
Tanks are contaminated by dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, fungi & other unwanted particles...
Water/Heat Proofing
Water is the vital part in our daily life but unfortunately we receive polluted water..

Our Services

Fumigation Service in Clifton Karachi

We offer fumigation services all over Clifton Karachi, All over Clifton we are very much famous.

Pest Control Services in Karachi

We offer effective & environment-friendly pest control, fumigation, termite proofing services to industries, commercial buildings & residential units

Fumigation Service in Karachi

We offer all non-hazardous waste management to industries under license recognize by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Govt. of Sindh.

Tank Cleaning Service in Karachi

We offer tank cleaning, sludge removal & disinfection services to industries, colonies, large facilities buildings & residential unit under WHO standards

Heat insulation service in Karachi

We offer roof leakage, roof insulation, tank & bathroom seepage control services without broken building foundation,

About US

Unified Group stands on its vision “care & cure” to provide healthy environmental solution through Cockroach Control Service in Karachi, Fumigation Service in Clifton Karachi, Bed Bugs Control service in Karachi, Tank Cleaning Service in Karachi, Seepage Control Service in Karachi, Roof waterproofing service in Karachi, Heat insulation service in Karachi, Rodent Control Service in Karachi, Termite Control Service in Karachi, Pest Control Service in Karachi, Fumigation Service in Karachi to industries, Co-Operative Societies, Large Facilities buildings and residential houses throughout the Pakistan. Unified Group is well known brand in fumigation services in Karachi as well as in Clifton.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to provide Healthy environmental solution through Care & Cure to prevent health, protect economic resources and improve quality of life by delivering safe, high quality, & cost-effective services to gain customer’s satisfaction in essence to be recognized us as leading position in pest control, solid waste management, tank cleaning & water/heat proofing fumigation services in Karachi Pakistan.

Our Philosophy:

We recognize that every customer is unique, our job is to understand the particular needs and make them possible at economical cost for Fumigation Service in Clifton Karachi.

Professionalism & Training:

We are highly focused on Professionalism and discipline throughout our culture, our operational team is equipped with proper uniform, ID Card, safety kit, first aid box, tool box, carry extra operational tools, and accessories as well as all kind of insecticides are loaded in mobile vehicle at each our sites, if in case of needed at site our team should proceed on the spot.if you want to know more about fumigation click here

Fumigation service in Clifton Karachi

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