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Cockroach Control Service in Karachi | unified group

All homes and commercial places required Cockroach Control Service in Karachi.Cockroach Control Service in Karachi

Cockroach Control Service in Karachi

unified group offering reliable complete solution for Cockroach Control Service in Karachi Pakistan. Unified Group have dedicated team of professionals who have more than 20 years working experience in killing Cockroach in Karachi. Cockroaches have posed serious environmental & health hazards caused gastrointestinal & respiratory illness, according to CDC (US Center for Diseases Control) cockroaches trigger Asthma to people who sensitive to antigen (proteins found in debris of cockroach), children more suffer Asthma due to more time spend at home, so therefore control measures are necessary for the health safety.

Cockroaches found usually in food storage & moisture areas like kitchen & bathroom, multi-family buildings have a high infestation of cockroaches due to lack of cleanliness, filth, and availability of rotting food in the garbage area.

Cockroach Control Service in Karachi



  • Cockroaches are linked with garbage, waste debris, and poor sanitation.
  • Cockroaches carry organisms caused asthma, gastrointestinal & respiratory illness.
  • Cockroach’s Feces, Eggshells, nymphs and adults usually found in infested areas.
  • Cockroaches usually come out & search their food in the night.
  • The common species of Cockroaches are American, German, Oriental, & brown-headed etc.
  • One shell of cockroach has 10 to 20 eggs.
  • Cockroaches can eat anything like soap, paper, glue, garbage, meat, fruits, bakery items & sweets.
  • The most favorable environment for cockroaches is darkness and moisture.



  1. Keep your premises clean & tidy
  2. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  3. Don’t leave rotting food, fruits, sweets & other organic items as open overnight.
  4. Don’t accumulate things like newspaper, boxes, rags & other items that can provide hiding shelter.
  5. Limit access of cockroaches into premises by repairing plumbing faults.
  6. Garbage containers should be tightly sealed.
  7. Spray inside sewerage main holes once in a month by pesticide which is the main harborage of cockroaches.



There are more than 30 species of cockroaches, common species found locally are the following

The German cockroach is the most problematic of all cockroaches, smaller in size just 1/2 inch as full grown, its infestation is usually associated where food is prepared or stored.

Cockroach Control Service in Karachi

The American cockroach is the hugest species observed locally, its size about 2 inches long and reddish brown color, commonly found in warm & moist areas like kitchen, bathroom, and boiler rooms etc.

The oriental cockroach is middle in size between the German and the American cockroach and much darker, little disgusting due to odor, they prefer to live in cool & dark areas, commonly found sewerage lines & basements.

Cockroach Control Service in Karachi                                         Cockroach Control Service in Karachi Cockroach Control Service in Karachi

Control Treatment:

There are many options to control cockroaches.

Fumigation: apply pesticide into target areas like sink, cabinets, drain line & main holes etc.

Gel Bait: paste toxic gel at infected areas where the cockroaches activities have observed.

Powder Bait: Insecticide powder apply at the areas where


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