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Healthcare Facilities

Pharma & Healthcare Facilities:

The Healthcare & pharma are the ultra-sensitive places where inevitable the proper pest control and preventive measures, larger the building, the more potential for pest infestation.

The various pests pose the number of health threats through the spread of bacteria, contamination of floor surfaces, equipment, and other means in facility like rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquito etc.

The effective pest control program in healthcare facility is an investment in the health of patients, staff & public reputation.

Unified Group has been working in pest management for 30 years from university campuses to schools so therefore the most familiar with requirements for environment safety and control measures. The following benefits available to every service holder.

  • Customer’s friendly service schedule.
  • Free survey and inspection
  • Multiple effective Control solutions.
  • High quality imported, safe & effective pesticides.
  • Rodent Control baits, traps & repellant devices
  • Well informed & trained professionals.
  • After service backup support & customer care.
  • Proper Pest management record & certificate
  • ISO certified Quality assurance service.


The variety of pest species can found in schools such as rodents, cockroaches, flies, ants, mosquito, bed bugs, head lice, and stinging insects.

Cockroaches: US center for Diseases Control (CDC) reported after series of investigations that Roaches are responsible for Asthma in children and spread out germs caused many diseases as well as contaminate food.,

Bed Bugs are the most nuisance pest, infestation of Bed Bugs in facility cause restlessness & mental disorder in patients and staff ultimately damage reputation and mostly patients avoid to come again in facility, Bed Bugs are very difficult to locate their hideouts & breeding sites as well as their control, Bed bugs increase their population fast, come out in dark and feed only blood, its infestation seriously damage reputation of institution.

Wood Borer Beetles, after termite it is another wood destructive insect, damage wooden based furniture & fixtures, create tunnels & bores in wood caused hollow wood & powdery dust appeared, while pupa become adult it create tiny holes in wooden plates & powdery dust appeared too, every healthcarefacility have enough wooden furniture & fixtures.


Rodents (Rat):                

Potentially Rats have gnawing habits of everything such as cables to ignite fire, pipes to cause spillage of gas/oil/raw materials, split pack materials, destroy food item boxes, transmit diseases though their droppings & other  lot of  damages are caused significant economic losses.

Ants :

Live in under the soil nests, found in wall cracks, paths, trees, garden & food sources mostly under attacked that is highly concerned, control measures including sanitation and chemical treatments.

Termites: the most-destructive insect invisibly enter into building from ground to damage wooden base items, expensive decorative work, hollow building foundation by creating inside tunnels, to eat up papers and many more items that all necessary present in every education center.

Water-Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Treatment: 

Water is the vital part in our daily life but unfortunately we receive polluted water from every source like municipal supply, boring well & from Tankers so that’s why almost every Water storage tanks are contaminated by dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, fungi & other unwanted particles which accumulate day by day at surface of tanks while bacteria & other microorganisms form their breeding sites to rapidly grow their population to further infect water as a result transfer into our body through bath, ablution, drinking & washing caused suffer us in multiple diseases