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heat insulation service in Karachi : unified group

Heat insulation service in Karachi Heat insulation service in Karachi

Heat insulation service in Karachi

Unified Group dedication team provide Heat insulation service in Karachi Pakistan with good time management and hardworking.Heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation, or by a combination of all three, heat moves from warmer to colder areas, the greater the temperature difference, the faster the heat flows to the colder area. The entry of heat into rooms is the result of a mixture of the conduction & convection or radiation, but the most significant way is by conduction through walls and roofs.

Heat insulation service in Karachi       Heat insulation service in Karachi

Conduction. heat is passed through a solid, liquid or gas from molecule to molecule in a material. Therefore, thermal conductivity is the measure of the speed of heat flow passed from particle to particle.

The rate of warmth waft through a specific fabric could be encouraged by way of the distinction of temperature and by means of its thermal conductivity.

Convection. Warmth is transferred while a heated air/fuel or liquid actions from one location to another, wearing its warmth with it. The price of heat waft will rely on the temperature of the shifting gasoline or liquid and on its charge of go with the flow.

Radiation. Warmness power is transmitted in the shape of light, as infrared radiation or another shape of electromagnetic waves. This strength emanates from a warm frame and can journey freely handiest via absolutely obvious media. The ecosystem, glass and translucent substances bypass a considerable amount of radiant warmth.


Why heat insulation?

Concrete (RCC) & pre-cast roofs absorb the maximum amount of Radiant heat through sun rays as a result increase temperature inside buildings likely higher than outside, as a result air conditioning load is increased, the basis of expensive electric bills, the following key advantages you can benefits by heat proofing.

  • Temperature is reduced up to 20% & electric cost down to 30%.
  • AC, Fridge & other machine load significantly drop down not only cut electric cost rather than maintenance cost as a result lifespan of machines may extend.
  • Weather protective, Anti-Rusting & Anti-Fungus are the extra benefits.
  • Resistant to ultra-violate rays produce safety to building structure.
  • Inside environment become smooth eventually improve the efficiency of workmen & inhabitants.

Heat insulation service in KarachiHeat insulation service in Karachi


Reflective Paint Application:

Elastomeric heat reflective coating is a blend of super-polymer emulsions modified with Multi-ceramic and Nano-technology based chemicals having both heat and water insulation features.

  • Initially clean & remove dust and other unwanted particles from treated area.
  • In 2nd step repair & fill cracks, holes & other damages over the roof & wall surfaces.
  • In 3rd step further patches already filled cracks & damage areas.
  • In 4th step apply elastomeric membrane thick coating over the treated area.
  • In 5th step past fabric sheet on thick layer membrane chemical for more strengthen roof surface.
  • In 6h step apply reflective & refractive chemical with elastomeric membrane coating on fabric sheet to make roof become insulate from heat.




Heat Insulation Systems:

  1. Reflective Paint over roof surface.
  2. Foam base sheet installation over roof surface
  3. Thermopole Sheet installation over roof surface
  4. Heat insulation Tiles fix over the roof surface.

Heat insulation service in Karachi Heat insulation service in Karachi Heat insulation service in Karachi Heat insulation service in Karachi

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