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Hotels & Restaurants

Food Processing &Services:

Food processing & services areas always susceptible to pest infestation due to availability of food, pest infestation more severe in a control temperature environment, the ideal place for pests to hide, breed and rapidly grow population.

The most troublesome species are cockroaches, rodents, flies and stored product pest caused highly concerned to owners, workers and the customers as a result lost in sales & reputation.

Unified Group has been working in pest management for 30 years from 5-star hotels, food processing units to small restaurants so therefore the most familiar with requirements for food safety and control measures. The following benefits available to every service holder.


  • Customer’s friendly service schedule.
  • Multiple effective Control solutions.
  • High quality imported, safe & effective pesticides.
  • Rodent Control baits, traps & repellant devices
  • Well informed & trained professionals.
  • After service backup support & customer care.
  • Proper Pest management record & certificate
  • ISO certified Quality assurance service.


Did you ever evaluate how much your Business damage by insects?  (Restaurants & Hotels)

Unified Group offers reliable and effective pest-free solution that protect reputation as well makes safe & healthy environment in food processing & serving areas which strengthen confidence ultimately boost customers movements.  The following insects are responsible to damage business’s reputation.


Cockroaches make unpleasant environment that can reduce customers as a result lost in sales, moreover spread out germs cause many diseases specially allergy & Asthma.


Flies always attract in restaurants due to availability of their favorable food, make unhealthy impression cause drop of visitors ultimately down sales, contaminate food & transmit multiple diseases such as Diarrhoea& Typhoid.

Rodents attack on food sources caused economic losses & food contamination, destroy property & transmit diseases to human, chew cables cause ignite fire even there is no safe place from their attack.


Bed Bugs are the most nuisance pest, infestation of Bed Bugs suffer people in great troublesome & restlessness, appearance of bed bugs in Restaurant means customers scare away that affect heavy losses of business.


Termites, the most-destructive insect invisibly enter into premises from underground to damage wooden base items, decorative work, building structure by creating inside tunnels to feed papers and many more items that all necessary present in every Restaurant so Termite control treatment essential for safety of property.