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Pest Management in Industries & warehouse


Pest control management in industries/warehouses having unique challenges for pest-control operators due to large buildings, gardens, wide surrounded area & availability of food sources provide favorable environment for pests to enter as well as develop their hideouts & breeding sites caused adverse effects for environment, health, food, grains, pack material & property damages that is inevitable to proper control measures. The following are the most troublesome insects in warehouses & industries.


Rodents (Rat):  Potentially Rats have gnawing habits of everything such as cables to ignite fire, pipes to cause spillage of gas/oil/raw materials, split pack materials, destroy food item boxes, transmit diseases though their droppings & other lot of damages are caused significant economic losses. Unified Group offers effective rodent control through anticoagulant & instant killing baits.

Termite:the most-destructive insect invisibly enter into building from ground to damage wooden base items, expensive decorative work, papers, books and serious damage to hollow building foundation by creating inside tunnels, termite is inevitable to control for protection of property. Unified Group offers most-effective & long-lasting up to 5 to 10 years control through formation of underground vertical toxic barrier.

Cockroaches: Roaches always make environment unpleasant, carry germs & transmit diseases to human specially Asthma,found in kitchens, mess areas, cabinets, washrooms & drain lines,US center for Diseases Control (CDC) recently reported Roaches responsible for Asthma in children of USA, spread out germs cause many diseases & contaminate food.SSi Pak offers effective control through fumigation, gas treatment & Gel application.

Ants: live in under the soil nests, found in wall cracks, paths, trees, garden & food sources mostly under attacked that is highly concerned to warehouses, control measures including sanitation and chemical treatments.

Bed Bugs:are the most nuisance pest, found in employee hostels & office areas cause restlessness & mental disorder in workers as a result lost in working progress, there is very difficult to locate their hideout & breeding sites as well as their control, Bed bugs increase their population fast, come out in dark and feed only blood. SSi Pak offers effective Bed Bugs control treatment that ensure comfortable environment.

Unified Group offers integrated pest management plan that effectively eradicate pests from premises from industries/warehouses by highly experienced professionals.