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Roof waterproofing service in Karachi | Unified Group

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi Roof waterproofing service in Karachi

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi for unified group highly absorbent of water so roofs and sewerage system need to be waterproof. by effective adhesive membrane that protect water penetration in building structures to control seepage.

The conventional system of water proofing involves membrane additives ( Elastomeric, Polymeric, silicate, & Bitumen etc.) apply one or more layers over the roofs, walls, foundation & sewerage system that act as a barrier between water and building as a result buildings protected from water penetration for long lasting period.

We have wide range of Water Proofing Systems that can provide maximum protection for your premises from water and moisture through the use of the most-effective and latest nano technology ensures that the adhesives and coatings not just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi Roof waterproofing service in Karachi


  • Provide flexible, cost-effective & durable protection against moisture migration & infiltration of free water like raining etc.
  • Increase the age of building structures and save maintenance cost.
  • Quick and easy to apply system that ensures long lasting productivity.
  • Protect expensive interiors, art work, and concealed fittings present in building structures.
  • Membrane over membrane layers provides additional overlap security to building structures.

Procedure Application:

  • Initially clean & remove dust and other unwanted particles from treated area.
  • In 2nd step repair & fill cracks, holes & other damages over the roof & wall surfaces.
  • In 3rd step further patches already filled cracks & damage areas.
  • In 4th step apply elastomeric membrane thick coating over the treated area.
  • In 5th step past fabric sheet on thick layer membrane chemical for more strengthen roof surface.
  • In 6h step apply elastomeric membrane coating on fabric sheet to make roof protective & smooth.
  • In 7th step finally apply another elastomeric membrane coat to make roof water resistant for long time period.

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi  Roof waterproofing service in Karachi Roof waterproofing service in Karachi



Guarantee may void in case of water proof layer break, fracture, and puncture cause by accident, earthquake, vibration, & intentionally hit by sharp tool.

Bathroom Leakage/Seepage Control

unified group is famous in

Roof waterproofing service in Karachi.

Leakage is mostly caused by fracture pipes, looses in joints & cracks in open or concealed sewerage/drain lines affect water droplet & gradually flows into walls, foundation, & roof basis for seepage in buildings.

Leakage control without dismantling building structure based on latest & unique idea of polymeric chemicals pump into drain line to seal joints, cracks, & tiny holes provide long lasting leakage control up to several years.

Advantages for Chemical Treatment:

Lower cost as compared to plumbing work.

Long lasting result for leakage/seepage control.

Nothing any break in building structure.

Lowest time is required for treatment than plumbing work.

Plumbing create hurdles to raise cost, time & fracture in building structure.

Plumbing work does not make sure any guarantee for leakage control

Plumbing is just replacement of parts within drain or sewerage system

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