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Fumigation is the process of insecticide spray emit poison gaseous & suffocation within the target area generally killing & elimination of crawling & flying insects from the premises, environment of premises should be sealed for few hours so that insecticide gaseous may fully reach within the premises to wipe out insects & their breeding sites.

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  1. Spray main sewerage main holes, the main area of breeding sites for cockroaches.
  2. Spray on bottom joints of floor, behind the curtain, kitchen cabinets, cupboards & dark places within the premises mostly the hideouts for crawling & flying insects.
  3. Pouring insecticide blend into commodes, wash basins & flashes so that insects may killed present in drain lines.
  4. Spray over door beadings, windows & outside lawns for flying insects control specially mosquito.
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  1. During the fumigation process inhabitants should leave the premises or cover their faces.
  2. Fumigated premises must be closed for 6-hours and doors & windows should be shut down.
  3. After 6-hours premises should be ventilate so that inside environment of premises may freshen.
  4. Children, old people & pregnant ladies must keep away from the premises during the fumigation and come into premises after an hour of ventilation.
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We always use effective, safe, & WHO recommended insecticides included instant killing agent, repellant and residual affects so that it may effective for long period that’s why grant guarantee to our value customers for insect control.

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The fogging is the process in pest control management that create smoky or aerosol fog through fogger machine contain water or oil based insecticide, this process widely used in flying insect control specially mosquitoes and treat to disinfect environment,  there are 2 types of fogging thermal & cold fogging.

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Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra-fine droplets (1-50 µm) using thermo-pneumatic energy, it is used for effective pest control where active substances should be uniformly distributed, even in inaccessible places, thermal fogging is the solution for treating wide areas such as parks, industries, town & large buildings with minimum quantity of insecticide as compare to spray (fumigation).

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Cold fogging is also defined as ultra-low-volume (ULV) application, which produces extremely fine droplets (1-50 µm) for optimal penetration and coverage. It is used for pest control treatment in indoor & small areas due to its capacity of coverage.

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