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Treatment Techniques

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Please note that we will use the combination of the following treatment methods depending on the situation and requirement of certain area. This technique is being used & recommended worldwide by experts and is known as “Integrated Pest Management Technique (IPM)”.

The key to successful insect control by safe insecticides is to make an application to the site where the pest spends most of its time. Following are the residual application recognized by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) USA & World Health Organization (WHO).

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The application of insecticides into Cracks & crevices involve the placement of small amount of insecticides into crack & crevices in which insects hide or through which they may enter a building. Typical crack & crevices that may harbor insects include floor & walls, expansion joints, cracks in shelving & cabinetry, door hinges & door frames, cracks between paneling & walls, cracks that lead into voids in walls, ceilings, & all types of equipment. Crack & crevices treatment is ideal for German cockroach control, which spends approx. 75% of its time in cracks & crevices near stoves, dishwashers, & other warm, moist areas. The crack & crevices treatment includes the use of sprays, dusts, or baiting (gel application).

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The gel application for the control of cockroaches is the environment friendly process to control roaches from the premises. The gel acts as bait that attracts the roaches and when they eat bait they got killed. The advantage of gel application is that it can be applied in areas food storage or processing areas like kitchen inside fridge. The gel application is also a supplementary treatment to general cracks and crevices treatment as it only kills the cockroaches and it decomposes early in high temperature and in sunlight.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Perimeter Treatment”]

A perimeter treatment is used to control & prevent entry of outdoor occasional invaders. Perimeter treatments are made to thresholds and other entrances, the foundation, the soil adjacent to the foundation, under brushy vegetation, & other areas around the building where pests may hide or gain entry.

A perimeter treatment is necessary to check the flying insects like flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects like ants that get entry into the hotel building. There are thermal fogging and general spray application all around the building like garbage area, parking area, pool area, all vegetation or plants etc.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Misting (Fogging)”]

The fogging is suitable technique for controlling flying and crawling insect pests. Fogging will be done in all rooms. The advantage of fogging is that the insecticide uniformly penetrates in open air, plants, cracks, crevices and partition walls that are not reached by residual sprays, so it is suggested that after the residual spray it must be followed by fogging.

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The dusting technique is applied to dry areas, electrical installations, in cracks, crevices, paneling, baseboard, in ducting. The dust clings to the steel surfaces and wooden surfaces that remain there until it is physically removed from the surface and if removed there should be reapplication.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Drain Line Treatment”]

The drain line treatment refer to spray & pour insecticide solution into sewer main holes and lines because some species of insects make their harborage in sewer lines and main holes so this is a usual part of general fumigation to treat these areas to target the insect harborage.  

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Ultrasonic Electric Pest Repellant Devices”]

The latest advancement in pest management techniques to repel insects from the premises through ultrasonic rays, it is the most effective process to install in busy public areas like super store, hotels, food storage & processing areas where conventional process couldn’t apply frequently or the time of infestation.

[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row][cws-row cols=3 id=”cols3″][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Phosphide Gas or Stored Grain Fumigation”]

The Aluminum phosphide gas is specially used for the control of stored grain pests such as pulses, rice, wheat, cereals, pack food stuff, nuts, tobacco etc. the Aluminum phosphide formulated in tablet form, it acts as active ingredient which upon exposure to moisture releases phosphine gas (PH3) for the control of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults insects in grains & stored product pests.

The Aluminum phosphide is highly toxic to apply in human’s living, pets, animal & marine creatures areas, it should be handle with care, avoid contact and wear full protective dress like rubber gloves and respirators while handling, during application don’t eat, drink or smoke & don’t inhale gas, it is generally prohibited in urban environment.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Rodent Control Baits”]

The Rodenticide Baits are designed to attract Rats/mice and kill them, there various types of baits instant killing bait and anticoagulant baits, initially apply instant killing baits mix with knock down poison to control adults of rodent’s population and then used anticoagulant bait to maintain rodents in control. The anticoagulant rodenticide used in poison bait is slow poison kills rats in 3 to 4 days. Rodenticide Bait is placed in bat stations which place in a strategic locations.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Rodent Control Bait Station”]

The bait station is designed as box to keep baits in it that is strictly recommended by ISO, WHO, EPA and other global standard setting bodies, this is the safe and effective way to monitor, record and assess the rodent’s activities.

[/cws-widget][/col][/cws-row][cws-row cols=3 id=”cols3″][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Rodent Control Traps”]

The traps including Gum Traps, Gum Plats, and cages that attract rodents and stick or hold till their death, suitable for houses, food serving and storing areas.

[/cws-widget][/col][col span=4][cws-widget type=text title=”Cat Control Cage”]

Cats breed and develop into large feral colonies, especially in the area nearby meat sources available, super stores, hotels and large building facilities are the main target areas of cats.

Humane cat trap or cage. This metal traps have doors that spring closed when cats step on the metal trigger inside, and provide the least possible distress and injury, as cat will be caught it will be transported to far away from building.

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An USA based ready to use snake away dry granular mixture apply around the area affected by rattle snakes, it is proven effective and use worldwide.

The latest innovation the electronic snake repellent devices are also developed and marketed now a days, since we are professionals don’t let ignore this innovation so we are trying to import and provide to our customers.

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There are many control measures to control lizard such as general fumigation, insecticide filled syringes to direct target and repellent devices etc.

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