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Soil Insect Control

Lawn Care Services

We offer Lawn care services in order toprevent your grass turf, plantation and precious elevation of premises from flying, crawling and specially damaging soil insects like Grubs, Mole Crickets, and Web Worms etc.


Season long prevention from some soil insects

Revitalize &get strongergrass roots

Ready to use granules, fertilizer, insecticide in liquid and powder form.

Insecticide spray control flying insects such as mosquito, flies, flea, and other sting insects.


Soil insect Control:

White Grub Damages:  Primary grub damage results from grubs feeding on grass rootsand have effect on lawns to make brown and yellow patches in lawn turf.

Sod Webworm: Damage caused by sod webworms first appear as small brown patches of closely clipped grass. These patches may coalesce to form large irregular dead areas.

Cutworms: Cutworms chew grassfrom the bottomeven cut off from under the soil and some time destroy all the lawn grass.

Mole cricket: Their damage appears as brown spongy areas within normal green grass. It also eats from roots.

Garden Lawn Spray:

Garden/Lawn spray ensure insect free environment, mostly crawling & flying insects form their harborages in plantation areas as a result regular insecticide showering and spray is required to maintain insect free environment.