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Wood Borer Control

Wood Borer Beetle: Other than Termite, wood borer beetles are another wood destroying insects live inside wood 1/8 to ¼ inches long brown to blackish in color, female beetle lays 25 to 50 eggs inside cervices of wood when eggs hatch larva bore down into wood as larva grows it further bores underneath the surface of wood and finally become adult and cut round hole in the surface of wood, the life cycle of beetles up to 1-Year.

There are 35 kinds of beetle species found but 4 species are common 1. Lyctid powder post Beetle,       2. Anobiid powder post beetle, 3. Bostrichid Powder post beetle, 4.  Old House Borers.


The causes of wood damages:

  1. Wood Borer Beetles make tunnels, lines & bores inside wood for their movements cause powdery dust of wood create and come out from wood.
  2. Environment condition & moisture in wood are the main causes of wood borer infestation in wood.

New wood is most often infected by wood borer because high level of moisture rate in wood.

Wood Borer Control Treatment:

  1. Moisture control in wood is necessary.
  2. Inject insecticide by drill holes in wooden sheet.
  3. Aluminum phosphide Gas apply but premises must be tightly seal.
  4. Insecticide Spray apply on wood surface.